To ensure your safety and enjoyment, and that the chalets remain in a high standard we ask you to adhere to the following requirements.

Health and Safety

As safety is our prime consideration, please familiarise yourself and those within your party on fire risks. Please take extra care when accessing the boot room or top bedrooms as the stairs are narrow, and be careful walking on paths surrounding the chalets as they may be icy and extremely slippery in the winter months.

Fire Risk

Drying of clothes on radiators is strictly prohibited as this poses a severe fire risk.


Please ensure all French doors and windows are securely locked when you leave the chalet.
There are a number of safes in each chalet available for your personal use. Access code to the chalet will be provided to you prior to your arrival. Please do not reset any codes.

Heating and Electricity

During prolonged periods of absence from the chalet, please lower the thermostat, close all windows, turn off radiators and hot plates in the kitchen and all lights.

Sports Equipment

There is a purpose built, ski/boot room within the chalet, with direct access to the outside. Please use this when entering and exiting the chalet with sports equipment, and do not bring any sports equipment into the chalet living quarters as they cause damage and mess. Please leave outdoor shoes in the boot room prior to going upstairs.

On departure please:


  • empty the dishwasher
  • put all cutlery and crockery away
  • leave any leftover food and supplies on the work surface by the sink


  • Mattress covers should remain on beds (except in case of accidents, in which case inform the chalet team)
  • Duvets and blankets should remain on beds
  • Please remove dirty linen from beds and leave alongside towels on the bedroom floors


Please turn off all lights, close all windows and remove rubbish to the public refuse (poubelle).